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Rhodochrosite - Manuelita Mine, Peru

I want to eat this rock


Rhodochrosite - Manuelita Mine, Peru

I want to eat this rock

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Or snake-shaped things on your wrist which summon lords

but its a tree……

Well, the symbol is a “tree of life” depicting the ten sephiroths: if you look closely you can tell that each alchemist’s seal is unique. It’s a cool chance to design your own

Anonymous asked: Two more words to go before the words I said before: Percentage based (ie the more money a company makes the higher the maximum wage is for it)

Eh, not as exciting as the previous two.  Feel free to keep at it though!







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Anonymous asked: Two words: Maximum Wage

Two more words: Hell Yes


apparently my spirit animal is a snake…. is that a… bad thing?

You kidding? Snakes are awesome


i got this in my ask box

please watch it

triskelli asked: Basically we're on the road to another Roman Empire (where the concentration of wealth and power among the elite allowed the creation of a monarchy from a republic) except this time we're on the verge of worldwide ecological collapse and can't afford these fuckups any more


I don’t know nearly enough about Rome at its height, like…how things were going, because when we talk about the decline I always just attribute the collapse to outside cultures wanting into Rome to avoid the Huns or what have you, and Rome being unable to support its military across such a broad swathe of land and people.

Whatever, it’s all bad.

Sorry, let me clarify.  I meant the end of the Roman Republic.  Wherein a massive military allowed concentration of political power in the position of the consuls (the presidents) while a handful of obscenely wealthy individuals were able to leverage their wealth into political power, and then use that political power to accrue even more wealth (The Koch Brothers), as well as intense and violent conflict between two factions in the senate: one representing desperately needed reforms (the Populares) and one representing existing elites and tradition (the Optimates).  The biggest difference here is that the Republicans and Democrats are basically the same party anyway when it comes to actual government reforms, so yeah it’s all bad.